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Aluminum castings and components made by LynRus are in use everyday around the world. Our manufactured components can be found in American cars, trucks, roller coasters, vending machines, helicopters, valves, and even sophisticated missile components.

Low Pressure Aluminum Castings

For the last 60 years LynRus has pioneered the permanent mold and pressure die casting processes from our Utah foundry. We also specialize in low pressure aluminum die casting, which allows for exceptional yield, production rates, and improved surface finishes (when compared to gravity casting). From aluminum castings to fully assembled products, we offer a variety of turnkey services to meet your needs. Regardless of the size or complexity of your cast aluminum requirements, you can depend on LynRus to provide the highest quality.

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Modern Machine Shop

In addition to premium aluminum casting, LynRus operates a modern machine shop using state of the art CNC machines and CAD CAM programming. Our computerized operation gives us exceptional mass production capability and workflow optimization, and allows us to maintain close tolerances on both short and long runs.

Production Gallery - LynRus Aluminum Casting

At LynRus we provide every service you need to manufacture cast aluminum components or machined products. Whether you are developing a new prototype or ready to begin production, our expertise will ensure that the final result is to your satisfaction.

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Gymnasium Safety Equipment

LynRus also manufactures a complete line of gymnasium products that exceed industry standards. Our flagship product, the Aut-O-Loc Basketball Backstop Safety Strap, has been the choice of leading standard manufacturers for over 20 years. The Aut-O-Loc is often paired with our versatile electric winch, the QR4. The QR4 electric winch is a powerful and reliable workhorse designed with time-tested materials and technology, and is found in gymnasiums across the country and around the world.

Autoloc Basketball Backstop Safety Strap - LynRusThe CW3 Curtain Winch is lightweight and built to withstand years of wear and tear. FromWinch - QR4 - LynRus Winch churches and conference centers to gymnasiums and batting cages, this versatile winch is built to deliver a lifetime of maintenance-free operation. We also manufacture a budget-friendly manual winch, the M1000. Since 1952 our fundamental design has been raising and lowering basketball backstops without fail. Today the M1000 is better than ever, enhanced to meet the needs of your gym for the next 50 years.

For information regarding LynRus gymnasium products, visit www.gymnasiumequipment.com

LynRus Aluminum Products is a proud member of the American Foundry Society