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Permanent Mold and Pressure Die Casting Pioneers

LynRus Aluminum Products was founded by two brothers Lynn and Russ Margetts in 1949.  For the last 60 years we have pioneered the Permanent Mold and Pressure Die Casting process in Utah. In 2008 we introduced Low Pressure Die Casting to the state.

From castings to fully assembled products, we offer a variety of turnkey services to meet your needs. We work in partnership to provide design and manufacturing solutions. Regardless of the size or complexity of your casting requirements, you can depend on us to deliver the highest quality.

LynRus continues to provide parts for the most discriminating customers in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, and all over the world. Our customers include firms in the high tech petrol-chemical, defense, automotive, medical, and aerospace industries, as well as in education, recreation, utilities, government, and many others. LynRus has regularly met the requirements of ASTM standards, Military Standards QQ-A-591 Die Castings, QQ-A596 Permanent Mold Castings, Mil-STD-2175 Inspection, and MIL-A-21180 High Strength Aluminum Castings.

Our continuing standard of quality work has been passed from generation to generation. Many of our current employees learned the business from their fathers. We take pride in the international reputation we’ve earned through the quality of our workmanship. To all of us working at LynRus it’s more than just a job, it’s a commitment. We’re confident there will be more generations to carry on in this tradition.

LynRus Business Ideals

Mission Statement

  • LynRus Aluminum Products is a World Class Manufacturer of superior quality products.
  • Our commitment is to be a solutions partner by focusing on continuous improvement with our customers, vendors, employees and community.


  • To consistently provide superior quality, defect-free products that meet or exceed our customers’ quality & delivery expectations in a profitable manner. We will accomplish this through innovation and state-of-the-art technology.
  • To consistently provide a safe, clean workplace where our employees can develop a sense of pride and accomplishment in their daily work.

Quality Policy

  • To fully understand the requirements of our customers, jobs, and the systems that support us.
  • To consistently meet or exceed these requirements.
  • To continually improve the effectiveness and quality of all processes throughout Lynrus.

Governing Values

  • Integrity, Excellence, Respect

Frank Ball On LynRus Aluminum Products

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“This is Fred Ball for Zions Bank, speaking on business.
LynRus Aluminum Products are found everywhere from ski resorts to amusement parks, and from sports arenas to parking lots. The Salt Lake City-based company manufactures aluminum products of every kind, including components for roller coasters, automobile engines, ladders and valves.
LynRus was founded in 1949 by two brothers, Lynn and Russ Margetts. Russ’ son, also named Russ Margetts, now operates the company of 50 employees.
Sales and Marketing Director John Pos tells me that LynRus is one of the few remaining U.S. aluminum manufacturers that has not taken its business overseas to cut costs. Even so, LynRus has garnered customers across the globe with its reliable service and commitment to quality.
LynRus custom manufactures aluminum products as well as producing and selling its own products. Its lifting and safety systems are sold worldwide. John says the systems are primarily used to raise and lower basketball backboards safely. They are found in school gymnasiums and in recreational and professional arenas across the globe. In fact, the lifting system in the Utah Jazz’s Zions Bank Basketball Center practice facility was made by LynRus under the Spalding label.
LynRus Aluminum Products provides services ranging from aluminum casting and machining to advanced finishing and assembly. John says aluminum has many advantages to other metals. It is one-third the weight of steel, yet is stronger and more resistant to corrosion.
LynRus Aluminum Products in Salt Lake City has carved a niche in the casting and manufacturing industry with its domestic locale and its years of experience making, selling and designing aluminum products.
For Zions Bank, I’m Fred Ball. I’m speaking on business.”