Production Samples

[img src=]53700Machined Casting
[img src=]28160Machined Casting
[img src=]28210Machined Casting
[img src=]25790Machined Low Pressure Casting
[img src=]26970Machined Casting
[img src=]25570Machined Casting
[img src=]23850Machined Casting
[img src=]24880Machined Casting
[img src=]20520Machined Casting
[img src=]19350Machined Casting
[img src=]18570Machined Casting
[img src=]18970Machined Casting
[img src=]18850Machined Casting
[img src=]18530Machined Casting
[img src=]18190Machined Casting
[img src=]17690Machined Casting
[img src=]18470
[img src=]18290
[img src=]18530
[img src=]18390
[img src=]19380
[img src=]18480
[img src=]18620
[img src=]19140

Gym Safety Products

LynRus manufactures gymnasium equipment that works well day in and day out, and safety equipment that works when others don’t. These are the two foundations of every product we engineer. The result is a complete line of proven gymnasium products that exceed industry standards, including a market-tested safety strap that's the choice of leading standard manufacturers for over 20 years.To improve the safety and operation of your gym today, call us @ 1-800-320-8104.

[img src=]2770Aut-O-Loc & QR4 Electric Winch
Example of combined installation of Aut-O-Loc and the QR4 electric winch.
[img src=]2360Aut-O-Loc 2 Safety Strap
The new Aut-O-Loc 2 Gymnasium Safety Strap by LynRus Aluminum Products defines a new standard in gymnasium equipment safety. The all new patent-pending design is backed by years of experience, engineering, and testing. The same heat-treated alloy we use in ski lift and roller coaster wheels allows for an engineered casting with material exactly where it needs to be, increasing strength by as much as 50% over other designs.
[img src=]1920CW3 Curtain Winch
The CW3 Curtain Winch is cast with high-strength metal alloy, built to withstand years of wear and tear. It’s sealed gear case and precision ball bearings deliver a lifetime of maintenance-free operation.
[img src=]1840M1000 Manual Winch
This winch is cast, built, and tested to meet the needs of your gym for the next fifty years. It is light weight, heavy-duty, and budget-friendly without any compromise in performance.
[img src=]1690QR4 Electric Winch
The LynRus QR4 Electric Winch is designed with time-tested materials and technology to provide a state-of-the-art winch for a lifetime of faithful, uninterrupted service. This winch is easy to operate, has a low-profile design, and has an optional remote control.