Custom Design

LynRus offers aluminum casting design assistance. Our experienced team of skilled specialists is available to help you design your product from start to finish. If you already have a design concept, our team may be able to provide helpful improvements to optimize the production process. In either case, you are guaranteed absolute confidentiality.

LynRus Permanent Mold Foundry

We often assist in the design of a product in order to keep production costs down while still maintaining absolute product integrity. Our in-depth knowledge of aluminum casting and machining processes enables us to recommend the most cost-efficient production method for your specific application.

Sophisticated fluid-flow simulations, thermal analysis, and industry-leading 3D CAD systems are used to ensure the maximum consistency of your final product. Testing designs on virtual prototypes is crucial in avoiding casting defects and other costly surprises.

LynRus provides every service you need to manufacture cast components or machined products. Whether you are developing a prototype or ready to begin production, our expertise will ensure that the final result is to your satisfaction.